Satisfied Client / Alexandria, VA

“Irina is the epitome of professionalism. She delivers above and beyond even the highest customer expectations. I have and will continue to recommend her to other potential clients. Simply stated, she is the best.”

Kate – Alexandria, VA

Satisfied Customer / U.S. Navy CAPT Ret.

“Irina is by far the best real estate agent EVER!!! As a military officer with 30 years of service, I moved around and used real estate agents in five states and she is the top!! We had a difficult situation to sell a house that dropped in overall value because we bought at peak of market but she was able to help us recoup as much money as possible and make the deal as easy as possible, taking care of every detail since we already moved onto another state, she even put out our trash for us!! Some businesses say they are "veteran-friendly" but Irina truly showed that she respected our situation and knew how to work the market. Do not hesitate to entrust your big deal to her!”

The Mitchells - Alexandria, VA

Satisfied Clients

“From the moment I called Irina, I knew I had a "trusted adviser" on my on my side in my home sale. She moved with urgency in everything we did - I was never waiting more than a few minutes (literally) for a response or action from her. She cares about selling your home as much as you do (I wasn't sure that was possible, but after working with her I know it is). The professional photos and marketing materials that you get with her are beautifully designed and top-notch. Her digital presence is vast and ensures maximum visibility on all platforms for Realtors and prospective buyers. Irina sold my home in under two weeks, in late-October, with competitive inventory fighting for buyers' attention. All things could have worked against us (timing, price, inventory), but with her commitment and attention to detail, that was not the case. I recommend her whole-heartedly to any sellers...but especially for someone like me. I was a first-time seller and she could not have made this process easier or more efficient. Thanks, Irina!”

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